David Luboya-Mushila

Bachelor of Business Science specialising in Information Systems - 2025

Grateful for where I am today because my past was challenging.
We reach our dreams through consistency and action.

I am a Data Services Programmer and a Business Science student majoring in Information Systems. This means I am uniquely positioned to generate software solutions and give businesses a competitive advantage by allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage their data, and make informed business decisions.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working in a role where I can help grow an organisation with efficient and effective software technologies, by applying the latest data analysis solutions. I aspire to work in a space where I can be exposed to the world of data science and software development.

Work Experience

I am currently working at an American sample data company called RepData where I process large amounts of data, and present it to clients in a way that is most useful by employing dating cleaning, quality assurance checks, and data analysis. I also program the surveys that collect the data that gets analysed. I have completed a practical data science internship at Hamoye AI, an international data science learning institution. I have also completed a business analysis internship with a German business analysis consulting firm called Brainnest.

Other Interests

I have five years of experience as a basketball coach at Westerford High School. I am also a keen musician.