Gage Courie

BSc Computer Science; Computer Engineering - 2023

Dreams give logic purpose. Logic makes dreams possible.

I am a creative and a storyteller working towards a degree in computer science and computer engineering. My work ethic and experience in the field of programming enables me to create almost anything that I can think of. Given any problem, I can find a solution.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working as a designer in the gaming industry, using my creativity to tell cathartic stories through immersive gameplay as a way of reaching out to people.

Work Experience

Self-Published Novels and Short Stories, which can be
found on my Royal Road profile: Eden Meridia

Other Interests

I am a member of UCT's kickboxing, karate, and - my favourite - ballroom and Latin dancing. I spend productive free time writing stories, practicing game development, and playing the drums for leisure.