Imaan Jacobs

BSocSc (PPE) - 2023

Don’t fall into the trap of complacency; there is always space to grow.

I am a student of Social Science majoring In Political Science, Economics and Philosophy. This has greatly contributed to diversifying my worldview, and coupled with my work and volunteering experience, allows me to recognise and cultivate unique perspectives.

Career Aspirations

I envision myself contributing to the production of socio-political knowledge, whether this be as a writer, editor, analyst or consultant. I am particularly intrigued by the idea of political journalism, and have always been interested in working for or with Non-Governmental Organizations.

Work Experience

I have three years of part-time experience in event
management, fundraising, and administration. I am also an avid
volunteer, and these experiences have allowed me to work with
a myriad of people, improving my communication skills,
teamwork capabilities and sense of accountability.

Other Interests

My innate curiosity and appreciation for the arts govern my time outside of work and studying. Most often, this presents itself as attending productions at local theatres or visiting niche historical locations like museums.