Lauren Chawula

BCom General Accounting - 2023

Perseverance is key and failure is not where my story ends it is
where my success begins.

I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in General Accounting. I have acquired communication, research, and problem-solving skills from working remotely as a Part-time Junior Writer for an online news company.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working as a general accountant, assisting companies in ensuring the integrity of their financial statements and business activities. I am specifically interested in working with companies in the environmental and fashion industry as I am very passionate about these industries and their impact on society.

Work Experience

I have worked as a Part-time Junior Writer at Portal Publishing, which is an online news company, for two years. In this job, I am responsible for research and writing.

Other Interests

I am signed to D&A Model Management as a model. I am able to interact with a diverse group of people and collaborate with them to create content for various brands.