Malaika Kalassa

Honours BCom Management Studies

“Trust that the same God who brought you to it will lead you through it.” - Christine Caine

I am an aspiring strategist and youth mentor. I possess knowledge of Marketing, Management and Statistics, and hold a DELF B1 certificate. I am in the position to adapt to a variety of roles in a company. I have experience in tutoring, mentoring and basic social media management.

Career Aspirations

I envision myself managing and creating systems that work for all parties or creating and promoting content or products that make people happy - a combination of both would be a dream.

Work & Volunteer Experience

I have three years of experience in tutoring and teaching children from the ages of ten to eighteen in Mathematics, French and problem solving. I have two year’s experience in mentoring and have volunteered as a children’s worker. I am currently a youth leader at my local church.

Other Interests

I am a vocalist for the St James Church Young Adults band as well as a foodie and content creator who enjoys cooking, eating and reviewing foods from around the world.