Monique Brink

BA - English Language & Literature and Afrikaans. - 2021

"I want to build an empire that provides accessible and holistic content, space and tools empowering"

I’m passionate about empowering the youth, the LGBTQIA+ community, content creation & writing. I am driven to create awareness and facilitate knowledge development in order to authentically empower others. This includes creating space for diversity & inclusion and bringing about authenticity to the work I produce.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working in Media, with Educational NGOs & companies that foster educational & psychological development in the youth space. I aspire to work in writing, content creation & e-learning. I also envision facilitating & working in LGBTQIA+ NGOs/companies that provide holistic empowering services to our youth with the purpose of bringing awareness about the community's experiences, issues and bringing forth authentic voices.

Work & Volunteer Experience

I’ve worked at Students for a Better Future (SBF) as a Marketing & Events Intern for a year. My role was to create & curate content, social media management, blogging, assisting events coordination & photography. I have volunteered within the SBF organisation as a mentor, with recruitment interviews, at award ceremonies and the Alumni Reconnect Events team. During University, I volunteered with Shawco Education as an English tutor.

Other Interests

I spend my free time getting lost in books or delving into my favourite Korean, Chinese & Thai dramas. I spend nightly hours thinking about writing, surfing Spotify and the internet for inspiration or actively writing.