Nathi Mkonto

BSocSci - Psychology, Sociology and Social Development - 2022

"Your life will become what you have decided you want it to be with the efforts that you make."

I am a student studying towards a Bachelor of Social Sciences specialising in Psychology, Social Development and Sociology. My interests are in social change and individual/ community development. I have learnt the importance of listening to others through being part of the House Committee.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working as a counselling psychologist where I will be able to help people deal with their mental health issues, family issues and general life issues. I plan to use a humanitarian approach within my career by helping people by looking at them as a whole and assisting them in reaching their full potential and well-being.

Work & Volunteer Experience

I was in the house committee in my residence for a year and I was responsible for promoting physical well-being through exercise and sport within the sports portfolio. In the catering portfolio I was responsible for ensuring that students' voices are heard with regards to the food that they eat in the dining hall. These two different portfolios developed me to become more dynamic.

Other Interests

I am a voluntary hockey coach for Baxter and Fuller Hall residences in UCT. This allows me to spread my knowledge and love for hockey, especially to those playing the sport for their first time.