Onthatile Kgongoane

BSc, African Feminist Studies and Sociology - 2023

I will not wait until my problems are solved, or my dreams
achieved in order to be happy. I can cultivate happiness in the
midst of it all.

As a Sociology and AFS student, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of how race, gender, and class intersect and this has enabled the ability to think analytically from a multifaceted perspective on social problems which renders me an indispensable asset in any organisation that promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Career Aspirations

I hope to have a role in the social justice sector, working in organisations that give prominence to issues of social inequality. An additional choice, I envision for myself, is in academia as a researcher or lecturer. I also hope to work in government entities like the Social Services Department or the Human Rights Commission so that I can use my expertise to make a contribution to influencing policies and initiatives.

Work Experience

I have volunteered at the Jabulani Feeding Scheme which caters to children who live in impoverished households in my community. The scheme not only provides food to the children after school but also assists with homework. I have worked part-time as a call centre agent at Customer Care Solutions, Capita, and as a part-time salesperson at Deltrice Refrigeration.

Other Interests

Outside work and studies, I enjoy tennis, yoga, and painting. I am also currently learning Korean and crocheting and I hope with much improvement, I can tutor and start a crochet project.