Winile Mazibuko

Diploma - Fashion Design - 2023

"The mind is a powerful instrument, and can deliver you to everything you want. You have to believe"

I am a creative and fashion designer with a diploma in Fashion Design, which means that I am positioned to work across creative and design disciplines. I have gained 4 years of experience, 1 year working with product, graphic, jewellery and fashion design.

Career Aspirations

I see myself working as a fashion buyer, fashion designer and/or a fashion brand owner in the next 3-5 years. Focusing on promoting an eco-friendly way of fashion to slow down the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment. I will be doing this while designing, buying and organising collection items that are fashion forward and timeless.

Work & Volunteer Experience

I recently started working as a design tutor for CPUT. I have two years in customer relations and sales, with one year experience as a call centre agent. I have 4 years design experience, obtained from designing, selling and sewing my designs. I volunteered at the Maitland Cottage Hospital in my high school years and before COVID19.

Other Interests

I enjoy working in the community to help it become a better environment for the people living in and around it. Also teaching other people how to make and design products to have their own businesses. I am a CPUT design tutor and designer. I make clothes for a living, to continue growing my portfolio and brand. I also enjoy helping other designers and students whenever they are struggling.